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AE26 Arts and Crafts Combination Glass Window

Catalog No. AE26
Circa: 1910-1920
Price: $2,650
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Good, original
Provenance: Northern Ohio
Dimensions: 37.5" x 24"

Description: This is an unusual transitional style, sharing Arts and Crafts & Prairie & Art Deco designs. It is high end all the way. The double-glue chip glass in the field is as good as this textured glass gets. The violet striated glass is hand poured and rolled from multiple crucibles while molten in order to display its several separate colors. Another suberb glass is the streaked red/ sienna comprising the flower stems; it is literally indistinguishable from Tiffany glass. The heavy gauged beveled work is fittingly excellent. Outstanding modern design, powerful piece of art. Not perfect, but it can be. In zinc came.

Original Photo of AE26

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