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AE285 Beveled glass widnow

Catalog No. AE285
Circa: 1890
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Indianapolis, Indiana
Dimensions: 69 X 32 glass size, 73.5" x 36 frame size

Description: Large curvilinear beveled window with fine attention paid to detail. Glorious rainbows radiate from the finely crafted curved pieces. It is an unusual to find such a large window made exclusively of curved beveled pieces. Hand holding rounded pieces through each of the many grinding and polishing steps took far more work than the similar steps for straight edged pieces. Thus, curvy patterned windows were more costly to make. Once you see for yourself how rounded bevels shimmer as they bend each ray of light, you will understand why such a window was worth the additional effort and expense. The center section is wheel cut in a radiating star pattern to make this window even more remarkable.

Original photo of AE285

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