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AE306 Victorian Combination Window

Catalog No. AE306
Circa: 1885-1890
Price: $8,500
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Condition: Very good
Provenance: American Midwest
Dimensions: 21” X 68” including oak frame

Description: Extremely fine American Stained, Beveled and Jeweled window from 1885 to 1890. The beveling work is exceptional: each piece of the scroll work is beveled to the point, that is, the opposing beveled surfaces meet to form a sharp ridge. This work was done rarely since the work was exacting, unforgiving and expensive. This kind of beveling causes light to swirl and flash along the beveled edges with the viewer’s slightest head movement. The diagonal beveled pieces have a stunning edge treatment: a wheel cut pattern of two notches separated by a single “scallop” done along every inch of each bevel, all polished brightly. The rippled and mottled stained glass has dramatic color changes throughout the window. Strikingly beautiful, top of the line quality. High quality modern oak frame.

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