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Arts & Crafts Beveled Glass Window AE358

Catalog No. AE358
Circa: 1915-1925
Price: $875
Orientation: Horizontal
Condition: Very good
Provenance: Denver, Colorado
Dimensions: 31.5" X 25"

Description: This stylish window displays a triple floral motif that is representative of the simplification in contemporary design during the first quarter of the 20th century. The smooth curvilinear bevel pieces create a sleek pattern as they attract and bend light. This window is as modern today as it was when it was new. Original glass and frame. Two faceted jewels are thoughtfully positioned to indicate where two of the irises meet the ground.

This window is transitional, exhibiting infuluences of both the Arts & Crafts and Art Deco styles.

Original Photo of AE358

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