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AE464 Torch and Laurel Wreath Stained Glass Window

Catalog No. AE464
Circa: 1900
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Passaic, New Jersey
Dimensions: 26.5" x 42.5"

Description: Traditional Torch and Laurel Wreath Design made of rugged textured granite glass of high quality. Elaborate secondary border scroll and foliation motif. Colored phased cat's paw (mottled) granite goes from light amber to deep topaz.

Unique, high quality custom creation undoubtedly made for a custom Victorian home. Note the deep violet striated glass within the torch and scrolling; this is highly specialized glass. Photo does not do justice to the fiery oranges in the flame. Warm variegated green glass is a product of hand-poured glass from multiple crucibles, each of different coloration. Note how the faceted jewels add to the sparkle of the window.

Original Photo of Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE464

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