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Vintage Victorian Beveled Glass Window AE476

Catalog No. AE476
Circa: 1890
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Chicago, Illinois
Dimensions: Glass is 27.5" x 37.75". Frame is 32.5" x 42.5".

Description: This one is extra-grade and gets a special stamp of approval. Honey-combed, Zippered, Glue-chipped, and Jeweled. (Please refer to the Glossary on our site for information about these terms.) Take a look at the Detail Photo to check out the four thick Pyramiding jewels in the center; they are collidoscopic. Around the perimeter there are miniature versions of these same jewels!

The strings of smaller round jewels are torturously-placed (requiring loads of extra work), yet tastefully positioned to outline the central design. Each jewel was hand-ground and polished, one at a time. Same thing goes for the Honeycombed and Zippered surface textures, all hand-ground and polished by journeyman craftmen of the Victorian era—one piece at a time.

This design is nothing short of spectacular. The glass is all held in place by high-profiled Crown Zinc, naturally the best but most difficult to use. It is hard to imagine how many scores of man-hours this window took to execute. Seeing it in person you know that the result is worth all the extreme effort spent.

Original Photo of AE476 Antique American Beveled Glass Window Detail of AE476

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