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Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE489

Catalog No. AE489
Circa: 1885
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: San Francisco
Dimensions: 32.25" x 33.25" glass size

Description: This is a strikingly beautiful piece. Even though the pattern is attractive, to me this window is more about the glass. The harmony of the array of disparate hues and varying intensities shows the signs of a bold, sophisticated colorist.Some Victorian pieces have an awkward mix of colors that simply look horrible together, especially to modern eyes.

Other palette combinations were inspired as AE489. There are five different mouth-blown glass types used in this composition, most notably the violet field glass of Venetian, or Muff glass, which was blown in small amounts at a time. This glass appears different from one square to the next in texture, due to the techniques used to craft it with a blow-pipe and simple shaping tools. This glass is aqueously translucent and fabulous. The jewels are mold cast except for the four hand-faceted ones at center.

Original Photo of Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE489

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