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Victorian Combination Stained, Beveled, and Jeweled Window AE???

Catalog No. AE514
Circa: 1880-1890
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
Condition: Very Good
Provenance: American
Dimensions: Glass is 16.5" x 19.75". Frame is 20.75" x 23.75"

Description: There are two of these. You may buy one or both. The clear watery-looking glass surrounding the central design is mouth-blown Muff Glass. The over-sized red jewels are hand-cut and polished to draw attention to them. The beveled pieces are thick and well cut, further making sure the window grabs your eye. There are one or two cracked pieces which are easily repaired.

Original Photo of American Stained, Beveled, Jeweled Combination Glass Window AE???

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