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AE164 Victorian Beveled Glass Door

Catalog No. AE164
Circa: 1895
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Condition: Excellent, restored in the last 20 years
Provenance: Midwest, possibly Chicago, Illinois
Without Frame: 24" x 64"
Including Oak Frame: 31" x 72"

Description: This is a Riveting Victorian Bevel. It will flash rainbows throughout the day with even modest light. And after the sun goes down, glimmers from relected from room lighting will call attention to this piece of art. A show piece in practically any light conditions. Remarkably, all beveled pieces original and intact! Literally hundreds of hand-cut and painstakingly polished pieces. Secured in a fine quality attractive oak frame. Totally solid top to bottom. Six well placed reinforsement bars will support and preserve this window over its next 75 years.

Original Photo of AE164

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