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Belcher Mosaic Windows

AE456 Detail. Click to Enlarge

Catalog No. AE456
Circa: 1888
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: New York
Came Type: Secret Patented Metal Amalgam.
Dimensions: Two individual windows. Each is 29.5" x 26.5"

Description: Belcher Mosaic Glass Company Stained Glass Window. This two piece set features brilliant coloration and a Roman style back ground of square mosaic tesserae with a somewhat Greek-Revival motif. The highly inventive design displays an ornate anthemion rising from a classically shaped two handled urn. The ribbon work is sensitively crafted of mouth blown "Venetian" glass of American manufacture. The light transmitted through the entire piece is dazzling. Note the color phasing from deep blue to pale blue, a hallmark of Belcher design and crafting, which is executed effectively in this work of art. Notice in the central motif that there are exceedingly tiny mosaic glass tiles.

Original Photo of AE456

Original Photo of AE456

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