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AE305 Victorian Specialty Glass Window

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Catalog No. AE305
Circa: 1875-1880
Price: Sold
Orientation: Horizontal (modifiable to become vertical)
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Chicago, Illinois
Dimensions: 49.5 X 17 Including Oak Frame

Description: American Aesthetic Movement stained and jeweled window with painted center. The influence of Japanese style that followed Commodore Perry’s July 1853 expedition, which revealed this previously closed nation, is easy to see in the center medallion, as it resembles an early Japanese woodcut design. The realistically illustrated bird and azalea branches occupy spaces on the circle of red “flashed glass” where the surface color has been carefully removed in preparation for the enamels to be applied. The enameling was fired, in stages, at 1250 degrees to permanently fuse it to the glass. Except for the handworked jewels, the window is composed of handrolled American glass called Venetian, an aqueous type glass that is dazzling. Contemporary deluxe oak frame.

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