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AE410 American Stained Glass Window Landing Set from the Victorian Era
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Catalog No. AE410
Circa: 1905
Price: $18,500
Orientation: As shown
Condition: Very good
Provenance: Youngstown, Ohio
Dimensions: Overall size in original frames: 68.75” X 58.25”

Description: Six-piece original window which displays clematis and roses. Antique American stained glass landing set in remarkable condition. It is difficult to find sets like this as they only exist in small numbers. The field is made up of a wonderful, fairly-translucent, granite-textured greenish-gold glass. This field glass is actually colored more like it appears in the center photo of the three detail images below the main photo. All of the glass types in the window are original, artfully-made, and well-selected. There is an overall three-dimensionality to this set, brought about a combination of various textured glass, glass layering, and the chunks of glass used in some rose petals. These petals are actually made up of shards of glass intentionally chiseled from a slab of red glass to create a realistic rose—with striking effect. This kind of work is not done anymore because it is too painstaking. There is small area at the bottom of the central panel which displays the work called glass layering, one of L.C. Tiffany's favorite techniques.

The individual window panels are still in their original frames. The overall size from side-to-side, including the original frames, is 68.75" X 58.25."

The center panel has some bowing due to age, yet it is still structurally sound and easily restorable. There are only about 10 cracks in the entire set and no signs of replacements over the years. A warmly-hued and radiantly beautiful door set.

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