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Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE477

Catalog No. AE477
Circa: 1880
Price: $5,850
Orientation: Horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: New York City, New York
Dimensions: Glass size is 25.5" x 56". Frame size is 30" x 60"

Description: This window is made of hand-rolled glass throughout. It displays a remarkable array of fiery opalescent mixed color glass. Notably, the beveled pieces are all hand-chipped. Hand-chipped bevels are painstakingly made using a chipping tool, which cleaves small chips of glass from the edges, a little at a time. The process was slow, inexact and often ended in failure. Successfully executed, a hand-chipped bevel has a rustic, yet brilliantly prismatic, appearance that can only come about through hand workmanship. I have owned only a handful of windows with chipped-bevels, and none of them had more than a few pieces per window. Here we have a complete border of chipped-bevel pieces, each one showing a distinct individual personality.

Superb restored condition. Original frame.

Original Photo of Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE477

Detail of AE477. Click to enlarge.

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