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Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE532

Catalog No. AE532
Circa: 1888
Price: $2,850
Orientation: Horizontal
Condition: Very good
Provenance: M.S. Norman Home (more commonly known as Goldie's House) at 924 North Sixth Street, St. Joseph, Missouri. See the description below.
Dimensions: Glass is 28 1/4" x 20 1/8". Oak frame is 34 3/4" x 26 3/8".

Description: What you see here is a boldly colored window from an historic home in St. Joseph, Missouri, a wealthy 19th century cross-roads city on the Missouri River that became a supply and distribution hub for Westward Expansion by way of river, rail or land.

In the 1870's St. Joseph become a leading wholesale center for the building of the West. The 1880's and 1890's were the Golden Age of prosperity, whose mansions and traditions remain a part of the City. In 1886, the Chicago Times reported that “St. Joseph is a modern wonder--a city of 60,000 inhabitants, eleven railroads, 70 passenger trains each day, 170 factories, thirteen miles of the best paved streets, the largest stockyards west of Chicago, a wholesale trade as large as that of Kansas City and Omaha combined...”

Goldie's House

The mansion that window once graced is still standing today. The home is informally named Goldie's House after the colorful lady who owned the imposing structure for almost half a century. The windows in the home are written about in the Missouri Albrecht Art Museum publication titled “The Stained Glass Windows of Saint Joseph.”

This cheerful window speaks for itself. From a collector's perspective I will add that I count ten different shades of highly-prized mouth-blown Muff Glass in its construction.

The panel has been installed into a quality modern oak frame. There are a few cracked pieces to be restored.

Original Photo of Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE532

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