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Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE553

Catalog No. AE553
Circa: 1890
Price: $5,650
Orientation: Horizontal
Condition: Very good
Provenance: San Francisco, California
Dimensions: Glass size is 82.75" x 41". Frame size is 87" x 50".

Description: This big window has an exceptionally strong presence. I enjoy the way the Clematis vine and flowers feel virtually alive. The normal way to depict vines is to display them growing against a lattice-work pattern, yet here, refreshingly, the backdrop employed is an over-sized Japanesque fan. This design, is decidedly of Japanese influence and, therefore, appropriately it should be termed Aesthetic Movement style.

The majority of the glass is hand-rolled in a rippled texture, and I must say it is sweet. The six radial bands (of blue, amber and gold) are mouth-blown Muff glass. Each of these bands displays a crystalline translucence befitting of Muff glass.

This window is overall in wonderful condition, however, there are two cracked pieces which should be replaced. I believe I have glass in my stash to match both damaged pieces. We can accommodate the repair if requested.

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